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Over 2 decades of marketing mayhem.

Birddog has created a uniquely transgressive, volatile space in B2B marketing. We’ve rejected all of B2B’s most sacred tenets, we’ve breached every convention. Yet in 25 years of award-winning success, no B2B agency has proven more consistent. Want to know more about Birddog? Keep scrolling…

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Birddog’s 25th Anniversary

When the Queen reached her Silver Jubilee, they closed the streets and everyone took the day off to get shitfaced. We expect nothing less. Book early.

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Birddog Rebrand

Declared war on the stupid people. Again.

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Top 10 Influencer

LinkedIn Top 10 B2B Influencer. This may not really be about Birddog, or our influence, but a reflection of tedious LinkedIn content from others.

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20th Anniversary

Holy. Shit. We’re so old you could write a book about Birddog. Wait, we’ve got two of those already. Knighthood considered imminent.

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B2B Award 2013


B2B Marketing Awards

Best Use of Live-Event Marketing. Most Commercially Successful Campaign. Best Website. Agency of the Year. Decided not to enter again. Awards are too easy.

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‘Business Marketing – Face to Face’

Sir co-authors an educational text book with the Chief Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Gets away with it. Becomes Amazon #1 B2B book. Again.

Business Marketing Face to Face - Chris Fill Scot McKee
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Creative B2B Branding - Scot McKee


‘Creative B2B Branding (no, really)’

Sir writes brand strategy opus to, “teach tight-ass cheapskates once and for all how to build a creative B2B brand.” Becomes Amazon #1 B2B book.

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B2B Marketing Awards

Best Use Of Social Media. While the B2B world sits on its thumbs wondering what to do with social, Birddog shows them.

B2B Award 2011
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B2B Award 2008


B2B Marketing Awards

Best International Campaign. Birddog uses the word ‘cerveza’ repeatedly in conversation and copy. The resulting award is almost inevitable.

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B2B Marketing Awards

Best Limited Budget Campaign. Birddog London Office opens specifically to distract casual passers-by from noticing the award.

B2B Award 2007
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B2B Award 2006


B2B Marketing Awards

Best B2B Brand. AND, Best Small Business Campaign. Because when you sink this much tequila on the night, winning is the only option.

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B2B Marketing Awards

Best Limited Budget Campaign. A bit like winning ‘Best Campaign’, but cheaper. Doesn’t stop the tequila shots though. Nothing stops the tequila.

B2B Award 2005
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Top 20 B2B Agency


Top 20 B2B Agency

Birddog enters the Top 20 agency rankings for the first time (and stays there). Just goes to show, you should never waste a good recession.

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‘Dot Com Bubble’ Bursts

Birddog loses 80% of clients almost overnight. Gulp. “If you can survive this,” they say, “you’ll survive anything.” They’re right.

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Beer 2 Beer

Move to bigger offices where there are people. And food. And Clients. And beer.

Mainly though, it’s about the beer.

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Birddog Established

Light shined not on the wasteland of B2B and all was darkness. Then there was light. The Church of Birddog opens in ‘Ampshoire. In a barn.



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