Creative B2B marketing,
Worth fighting for.

Imagine, that you could simultaneously be the cautious boardroom agitator and the emancipated creative hooligan. That you could savour the angst of B2B marketing conservatism, while unleashing revolutionary fury on the battleground of change. That would be different. That would place your business right in the eye of the hurricane.

That’s what Birddog does.

Run. While you still can.

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  • All roads lead to Birddog and so they should; smart, sassy and packed with good sense. Love the vocab BTW; I'm seriously thinking of contentificating my marketing strategy right now.

    A. Busby Managing Partner
  • When the delivery lives up to the pre-sales bullshit you’ve got to be impressed. We’re impressed!

    A. Cloney Director
  • Just thought I'd let you know the CEO signed off our new brand story. I wanted to share and say thanks again for all your help.

    H. Steadman Group Brand Manager
  • Great day, so much excitement and chatter from the whole team which is still coming through now. A massive thank you from us all!

    P. Whelan Director of Corporate
  • Can I just say that in the 20 years I've worked here, you've produced the best work I've ever seen for our company.

    C. Rice Head of Delivery
  • Because of your magnificence, insight and generosity our Brand Strategy is working a treat. We love you for it. By the way, we are going to rule the world with your creative concept. Just thought I’d slip that in. Thank you, I really appreciate your work.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • The launch of the redesigned website has successfully gone ahead today. It’s looking fantastic. Thank you very, very much for a great piece of work once again.

    K. Harvey Digital Marketing Manager
  • We were very impressed with how quickly you have grasped our positioning – the fact that we had such a hard time choosing between the three concept routes was great!

    R. Kane Chief Growth Officer
  • I am very impressed with the blog. I have no changes to it it. Love it. Thank You.

    S. Daves Customer Success Manager
  • We’re certainly getting a lot of traction, you can see the usage of the site going up. Engagement though social media has been quite considerable compared to anything we've done before so we are really pleased. Thank you very much, this is a great result, I’m really happy.

    K. Harvey Digital Marketing Manager
  • I just want to say, keep rocking the boat. I enjoy your sharpness and your style, it's refreshing. Really, thank you.

    M. Padovani Application Manager
  • We sent the first email and had one complaint from a partner, but 4 times as many open rates as we usually achieve so I have high hopes for the other mails we are scheduling in the campaign.

    C. Orr Director of Marketing
  • Favourite keynote? Without a doubt, Scot McKee from Birddog. That guy knew how to present; very engaging, very knowledgeable, created an atmosphere where you wanted to leave and get on with stuff.

    J. Ross Customer Acquisition Manager
  • Absolutely flipping brilliant. Really. Brilliant. Thank you. What a terrific introduction to such a brilliant team and exciting project.

    K. Cook Global Digital Marketing
  • Brilliant, brilliant marketing.

    J. Sandhu Marketing Director
  • I'm impressed that another marketing agency asked Birddog to produce their website for them. Almost like United asking City to play their matches for them...

    M. Paddington European Marketing Director
  • Our dramatic pipeline increase came as a direct result of your brand vision and commitment to innovation.

    G. Case Global Marketing Director
  • I've worked with all sorts of Brand Guidelines from Bupa to RBS. I'm usually very weary of Brand Guidelines not being flexible enough to allow creativity and growth within the brand. I think the guidelines from Birddog are brilliant. Flexible and defined at the same time.

    J. Rogers Marketing Manager
  • I fricking love Birddog.

    R. Gorman Corporate Communications
  • Our CEO is VERY on-board with ideas generated from your brilliant book. Hats off to you and thanks!

    L. Summers Head of Marketing
  • Amazing progress happening, thank you so much, the site is looking and feeling absolutely amazing. Completely in love with it.

    K. Cook Global Digital Marketing
  • Wow! You've done an excellent job. Times like this make me feel extra privileged to work for a company that does great things and with a company that is able to translate this into meaningful brand positioning and messaging. I fully embrace your work and cannot wait to bring it to its full fruition!

    I. Massen Director, Communications & Branding
  • What a nice piece of work! I was impressed, and honestly emotionally touched - actually it fills me with pride! Thank you so much - this was worth it!

    J. DuBois Director of Branding
  • Very well done to all at Birddog, I loved dealing with you guys.

    S. Bates CEO
  • You continue to enlighten me and fill me with wonder. Thank you.

    J. Holley Regional Director
  • I love that you can still make me laugh and to hear that I am not alone. The thought that one day I can be a customer gives me hope!

    C. Orr Global Marketing
  • Very few articles will cause me to call colleagues over to read them - yours are the exception. Genius!

    D. Crawford Marketing & Product Development
  • I saw Birddog's talk at the B2B Summit and have marveled ever since.

    M. Schuett Marketing Manager
  • Birddog - the most refreshing and brutally honest website I've visited in years. Glad to see we are working with them.

    J. Cole Head of Business
  • I'd like to reiterate my thanks to the team for doing a great job and for being such a pleasure to work with this year. I'm really grateful to you.

    N. Hannay Marketing Director
  • Just to let you know, I was greatly inspired by the social media training day you ran in London, I will keep you updated on the progress and the results.

    B. Goddard Business Development
  • The web site was demo'd today, and the branding, the site and the content all went down a storm. Thanks.

    A. Williams Managing Director
  • God damn you and your interesting and informative tweets. Chunks I'm losing out of my day. Bastard.

    L. Harris CEO
  • Great job. We're so pleased with the results.

    N. Hannay Industry Marketing Manager
  • You always produce results, the kind of stuff we like. The work was excellent.

    R. Peace Marketing Creative Manager
  • Lovely, just lovely, verging towards something of a caress in its artful yet piquant loveliness. Can I just say that I am really, really pleased - it's having real results! Fantastic. Many thanks.

    H. Clarke Director
  • Amazing job by all this year - thanks for quite incredible brand creation in such a short period of time.

    A. Morgan Head of Business
  • I can confirm that we don't need to approve this. We trust you, that's why we're using you.

    N. Hannay Industry Marketing Manager
  • I remain in admiration of you and your team's clever and creative work. Thanks.

    G. Case Head of Marketing
  • Thank you so much for everything. It is an absolute pleasure working with enthusiastic, positive people. Your commitment is impressive and much appreciated.

    J. Young Principal Product Strategist
  • My peers loved the Creative Platform. They were very positive. Good job all round.

    R. Kellett Director of Marketing
  • There is no other agency we could trust to deliver. The response was amazing and feedback exceeded our expectations. We could not have asked for more.

    A. Snelson Marketing Director
  • You performed brilliantly. Well done, you made me look good!

    Z. Anderson Senior Marketing Manager
  • A fantastic and very clever piece of branding and marketing.

    M. Bennett Marketing Director
  • It pains me to admit it, but you were right. Our social media has delivered direct leads.

    P. Clark Marketing Director
  • I really appreciate the Birddog team. I am impressed at the content and am very appreciative of the team effort. Thank you.

    S. Fuller Director
  • I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. You fill me with confidence. The results should be spectacular!

    J. Turner Director
  • You have done a cracking job. Great value in this, I might event sign off the infamous case study...

    G. Case Head of Marketing
  • Birddog will always be a partner I turn to in an hour of need. I pause when I recommend their work, because I don't want the secret to get out.

    C. Hoskin CMO
  • Wow! - I love and totally agree with what you are saying! Excited about working on this project with you.

    D. Benson Marketing Specialist
  • You guys are my little ray of sunshine in the dreary world of B2B marketing. Wonderful presentation. I was pretty choked up at the end of it and you could have heard a needle drop in our office! Well done on a wonderful set of concepts.

    K. Roe VP Marketing
  • I wanted to thank you for offering us some really sound advice and guidance. It was really good to get some insight, and a much better understanding of brand strategy. Now, thanks to you, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable.

    G. Deal Director
  • What did Birddog do for us? Blew our socks off with clever creative and a launch campaign producing results far beyond our expectations!

    M. Geraghty Marketing Manager
  • We were very impressed with Birddog's strong creative direction and key messaging - developed in such a short space of time. The proposition was launched successfully and we are extremely pleased. Birddog has shown that with a little courage, B2B can be original and creatively inspiring.

    T. Post Senior Manager, Communications
  • At last I'm experiencing the coolest ride in town. The Birddog team understands what we need and their delivery is spot on. Birddog has helped us to see that we were doing some stuff right but a lot of things wrong - in their own abusive and refreshing way. I know that they are making a real difference.

    T. Millen Marketing Director
  • We work with Birddog on an ongoing basis and they scare me all the time. Fortunately, I like it. I also trust them to deliver. Our marketing communications aren't about what I want, they're about what Birddog tells me is going to deliver.

    A. Gabarin VP Europe
  • Birddog caused pain that forced change. Their thinking and creative delivery has been f ****** inspirational.

    P. Brown CEO
  • It's a big step to bring a new agency into an organisation - especially when you're in the spotlight as the referrer. I have absolute confidence in Birddog and the team never let me down - their work is testament to that.

    B. Mayle Group Marketing
  • We have relied on Birddog implicitly to build our brand from the ground up. Our corporate collateral alone helped to secure a 105 million pound deal. Now THAT's ROI.

    N. Smale CEO
  • In my 20 years of working in marketing, I have never seen an agency deliver creativity and understanding of our business in this way. I am totally blown away by you guys.

    K. Bradshaw Head of Marketing
  • No one could have predicted the level of responses or the creativity that would be applied. It's very gratifying to see our sales team adopt our messages and support them. Of course, the work is only ever as good as the agency behind it - Birddog.

    S. Freeman Marketing Director
  • The world would be such a brilliant place to live if everyone thought like you. God, you're good. Every day I fall more and more in love with you.

    R. Miller Marketing Director
  • We give Birddog a brief and they get it instantly - integration and return on investment being key aims. They've turned our communications around from bland and safe, into the type our competitors want to emulate.

    L. Harrison Communications Manager
  • Birddog took our complex corporate and product brand interrelationships, pulled them apart and threw them back at us in bite-sized pieces that made immediate sense and holds lasting value. Modern day alchemists.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • Birddog has delivered everything they said they would and more. We have been cajoled, abused, entertained and educated all in the same project. The combination of strategic insight and creative flair is rare indeed and we are delighted to have benefited from the Birddog experience.

    B. Ferguson Marketing Director
  • Selecting Birddog for the job was a complete no-brainer. We had one meeting with the team and just handed the entire marketing requirement over to them. Birddog's work has been exemplary.

    J. Speak Chief Executive
  • We selected Birddog for the refreshing and enthusiastic approach of everyone within the agency. We would never have dared tackle this marketing activity without Birddog.

    S. Phillips Asset Manager
  • Birddog was able to understand the issues, advise on them sensibly and deliver a creative solution to support those recommendations. It worked. Life doesn't actually get much better than that.

    T. Alvis Marketing Leader
  • Birddog's work hit the nail squarely on the head, delivering spot-on messaging and great creative work that has gone down a storm. Birddog excels.

    J. Taylor Marketing Manager
  • Birddog's approach to creative development and delivery made the decision making process simple. We've never run such a successful programme before. All our objectives have been met and exceeded.

    S. Cozens Marketing Manager
  • Birddog worked hard to understand what I wanted and came up with results that not only impressed me but also my senior management; high praise indeed.

    M. Woodbridge Marketing Manager
  • We closed a deal within 6 weeks and had several more in the pipeline within 2 months. Birddog's success is being closely tracked by our parent company with a view to extending it worldwide.

    C. Evans Marketing Director
  • Birddog not only made me sit up and take notice, they convinced me of their understanding of our business issues. They were able to articulate our proposition creatively and were integral throughout delivery. I'm happy. And I don't say that very often.

    M. Collier Market Development Director
  • Birddog has been fantastic to work with from inception to completion on all aspects. The search is over!

    D. Makh Marketing Manager
  • Unbelievable. The team at Birddog has done it again. Their ability to understand and respond to our needs time and time again is what makes Birddog invaluable.

    M. Robertson Marketing Director
  • It has taken five years for us to be ready for the Birddog treatment. Birddog was just what we needed. We gave them barely enough time but it all turned out brilliantly.

    M. Draper Marcoms Manager
  • Birddog has inspired us in ways that no one else came close to. Birddog's thinking is sound, their delivery is measurable and we have seen an immediate and on-going return on the investment.

    R. Miller Director of Marketing
  • We were impressed with Birddog's in-depth market knowledge. We achieved in weeks what would have taken months with a less experienced agency.

    R. Gillies Marketing Director
  • Conservatively speaking, Birddog's work on the mid-market strategy added over £1 million to lead revenues. Not too shabby.

    C. Orr Director of Marketing
  • Birddog helped us construct a brand story that secured competitive edge and increased performance. We’re already seeing results. They listened, then created a customized path to brand transformation. Legend.

    H. Steadman Group Brand Manager
  • The ultimate B2B Marmite maverick, Scot McKee of Birddog, creates eye-catching and sometimes controversial campaigns and positioning.

    J. Harrison Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing
  • We chose Birddog for our B2B brand positioning to challenge current messaging and differentiate within a commoditised marketplace. We’ve seen significant increase in engagement across our B2B channels and secured new clients as a direct result of the campaign.

    K. Hungerford Senior B2B Marketing Manager
  • Working with the Birddog team was a pleasure, their fresh approach was a real motivator and I’d be delighted to work with them again.

    K. Hungerford Senior B2B Marketing Manager
  • Not to go all Oprah on you, but I'm fu*king grateful you exist.

    E. Craft Brand Pirate
  • We showed your work to the Main Board yesterday. It was quite emotional, in a good way. “Intense”, “Pride”, “Shock” were the words used. I wanted to say a big 'thank you' for the work you have done. We all love it – the impact will be awesome.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • Does what a great agency should do: delivers what you need with none of the convoluted marketing bullsh*t you might get from other agencies. Simple!

    C. Perry Head of Corporate Marketing
  • It’s awesome, we’re very happy! Thanks very much for making our website so slick, it’s great – perfect. I'm going to leave work on time today and go and drink too much wine!

    S. Willis Regional Marketing Manager
  • Birddog's creative brand positioning has completely transformed the way my team writes copy.

    L. Kennelly Corporate Marketing Manager
  • Thanks Scot, you and your team were a pleasure to work with. You instantly understood where we wanted to take our brand and the Birddog team has delivered exactly what we needed with zero fuss.

    S. Willis Regional Marketing Manager
  • Thank you so much for all your advice and help I really appreciate it!

    S. Donoghue Marketing Co-Ordinator
  • Thanks for all your help in getting the website and content up and running. It’s really been a pleasure to work with you – even if you buggered off on holiday Scot… I think we owe you some beers. Thanks again.

    J. Hemingway Chief Marketing Officer
  • Love the way you see the world of B2B marketing. Edgy with the occasional over the line commentary.

    D. Downing Chief Marketing Officer
  • I genuinely hunted you down; your philosophy stands out in what is often a vanilla-filtered B2B world.

    M. Canning Brand Director
  • My heroes. Always saying it as it is.

    S. Gray Commercial Director
  • Thank God for you.

    K. Roe Head of Marketing EMEA & APAC
  • Our CEO's feedback was just 3 words (in bold, underlined, capitalised and with 2 exclamation marks) - "I LOVE IT!!". And yeah, I fell off my chair.

    K. Roe Head of Marketing EMEA & APAC
  • Keep up the excellent work, you are a rarity in today’s creative market and, as of now, you have a fan and promoter. Thank you.

    J. Weston Director
  • I can’t believe I am going to say this because McKee’s going to be insufferable but.... he’s worth it - squeeze out those pounds to get your business out there. Contact me if you want to know more. Birddog helped change our business and we’ve been growing ever since.

    J. Holley Managing Director
  • Thank you Birddog - A really thought provoking session, really enjoyed it!

    F. Kitchin Head of Marketing & Propositions
  • Very interesting and stimulating. Great to work with the team too. I have real confidence in a good outcome.

    A. Oliver Head of External Communications
  • Fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone at Birddog for such an engaging workshop and such an enjoyable day!

    C. Cox Head of Digital & Marketing Operations
  • Really enjoyed today - still laughing! Thank you to everyone 🙂

    H. Marshall Director of Corporate Affairs
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work. Absolutely outstanding. Your contribution and design direction is amazing. Couldn’t be happier.

    K. Harvey Head of Digital Marketing

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