We will not sell or trade your data with Tom, Dick or Harry. Or anyone else.

We treat your privacy very seriously at Birddog – Gawd knows we have enough secrets of our own…

Birddog Privacy Policy:
Any information you share with us on the Birddog website will be treated in confidence. We will not sell or trade your data or any information you provide with any Tom, Dick or Harry. Or anyone else.

Within the Birddog Privacy Policy, we may still obtain and store information from you that you provide during any voluntary or mandatory registration process on our Site (for example, registering for emails from us or signing up to evaluate our products or services) or when you call or email. If you have provided data and later wish to have your data removed from our database, you may do so at any time. While we hold data about you, we may use this information to provide you with information or products and services, to tailor the presentation of the Site or products or services to you, to facilitate your movement through the Site or your use of our products and services, to improve our products and services and do a better job of marketing them, or to communicate with you.

We use cookies on the Birddog website. This isn’t an evil Machiavellian plot to usurp governments or catch you with your pants around your ankles. We’re just trying to deliver cool shit on our website. The  cookies we use are: PHP session cookies, Google Analytics, the Add This sharing widget, Facebook, and Twitter. You can alter cookie settings in your browser, but just remember, no cookies, no cool shit. That, my friends is the way of the Birddog Privacy Policy.

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