Why? How? What?

Yeah, we actually thought about it. This is the way Birddog will change your world…

Why Birddog.

We create the best B2B marketing – that’s why.

Not the shitty corporate B2B marketing wankery you’ve been peddling for decades. Not the faddie, complicated, meaningless twattery that neither you nor your customers give a toss about. Not the repetitive business drivel rolled out again and again.

But you’re still peddling that same old nonsense. Same as you’ve always done. Same as everyone else. The same. So here you are, again. Wondering whether to take the well-worn path to Shitsville, or maybe this time, just maybe, you’ll choose life.

Because this time you’re ready. This time you’ve thrown away your useless spreadsheets and marketing automation algorithms. This time you’ve called war on the pitches, the processes, the procurement policies. This time, all you care about is turning your complex, boring, business into simple, creative communications with a simple model – the Creative Platform®.

If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s why you’ll choose Birddog.

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How We Do It.

We’ve learned so much in 25 years about marketing, that we wrote a book about it. Actually, we wrote the book about it – Creative B2B Branding (no, really). It remains a #1 business book on Amazon.

But writing about creative B2B marketing isn’t the same as delivering it. So we developed an award-winning process for that too – the Creative Platform®.

We use our experience, insight, and creativity to investigate, interpret and articulate businesses in a way no one else can, because no one else cares.

You can’t stop good marketing. It’s contagious. It spreads. With you, without you, in spite of you. Or because of you.

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What We Deliver.

We work at the top of the B2B marketing stack to shape and deliver Marketing Strategy. In the middle, we visualise and interpret with our Creative Platform®, comprising Creative Concepts, Creative Design and Creative Copywriting. At the coalface, we produce Web Content, Social Content and almost every form of online and offline Collateral Content.

We don’t dick around with process stuff – media, data, email, events or community management. The channels, the platforms, the tools, the processes – you can handle. You need Birddog for the stuff you can’t do, because your activities are worthless unless you have a good strategy.

You give us complex, boring, businesses, we turn them into simple, creative, communications. Can we help you specifically? Call and ask – we’re good, but we’re not telepathic.

Go ahead, punk…

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